the children's book

Jessica & Dave Dever

The creative husband-and-wife team behind A Moon Among Stars is anything but normal.


They’ve both been bitten by the creative bug that keeps them continually thinking and expressing themselves in various ways. Dave is co-owner of Revel Pix , a multipurpose creative production house that provides complete video and motion solutions to his clients.


Jessica is a pre-K teacher. She is state-certified and recently earned her graduate degree in math, science, and technology education from St. John Fisher College.


This is the first of hopefully many books by the Devers. They reside in Rochester, New York and love the Buffalo Bills.

Q & A with the Authors/Illustrator

What inspired you to write A Moon Among Stars?

In its very early stages, A Moon Among Stars was simply one of Jess’s college assignments. She needed to create a handmade book for a class, so we sat down and did some brainstorming and Dave came up with, “What if the Moon didn’t like his job anymore?” The homemade book resurfaced again when Jess was looking for literature resources to help introduce her students to science concepts. She created a prototype for the class, Dave created Moon’s loveable face, and then the book came to fruition.


What do you hope children will learn from reading A Moon Among Stars?

Our hope is that A Moon Among Stars sparks their interest and inquiries about any number of the science topics introduced in the book, as well as building rhyming concepts. We hope that in discovering the Moon’s importance, children will see themselves as special and unique, too.


Why do you think children will enjoy reading A Moon Among Stars?

Our ambition is that children enjoy the fun visuals and relatable characters with their parents and teachers. We hope they love creating a personal connection with the Moon, building awareness of feelings and empathy.


What do you think sets A Moon Among Stars apart from other children’s books?

It has an interesting reveal at the end that brings it all together. Its unique visuals tie together vector illustrations with computer-generated cartoon landscapes and cities with photographic backgrounds. All these combined create a different look from other children’s books.